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We would like to explore employment opportunities with engineers who want the challenge of moving new technology into the market.  Our current requirements are for an individuals sufficiently skilled in controls, instrumentation and mechanical systems that they could work independently to design, install, maintain and service early generations of liquid desiccant air conditioners. We want our next hire to be someone who can “do it all”.  Although an advanced engineering degree is not required, candidates should have demonstrated a good understanding of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics in school or past work. This understanding of mechanical sciences should be part of a skill set that includes the ability to effectively work in the lab or in the field.  It is common for our engineers to design and build some of the smaller models that are required to prove a new concept. Familiarity with at least one 3-D CAD/CAM software package will make the candidate more valuable to us as will a familiarity with basic machine shop skills.

Interested individuals can e-mail their resume to Dr. Andrew Lowenstein at ail@ailr.com.