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Our goal is to make this website the first place to go to for information on liquid desiccants applied to industrial and HVAC dehumidification.  While we have produced a number of informative, objective reports on liquid desiccants, which are included here, we want to include the works of others that meet the following requirements: (1) they can be linked to this website without infringing on the rights of any third-party, (2) they provide technical information that is potentially useful to a broad segment of the engineering community, and (3) their emphasis is not the marketing of any one liquid desiccant technology (although we would like to include links to the websites of manufacturers of liquid desiccant systems).  If your website or other resource meets the preceding requirements and it does not appear here, please contact us if you would like it to appear.  If it does appear but you'd prefer it not, please contact us and we will remove the link.  The appearance of a link to another website or other resource only reflects the fact that we found it interesting, useful and in compliance with the preceding requirements.  Its appearance should not be interpreted as an endorsement by us nor as a validation of the accuracy of the information that appears in the link.

Websites of Manufacturers, Developers, Researchers and Others

Agam - Manufacturer

IISAW - Manufacturer

Kathabar - Manufacturer

L-DCS - Developer

BePower - Developer

7AC - Developer

Shanghai Canmu - Manufacturer

Venmar - (Manufacturer of ventilation systems; developer of LD systems)